Personal data protection and cookies - Confidentiality Agreement


According to the Portuguese Law, mainly according to the law nº 2016/679 of the 27th of April, we inform you that the new law for personal information collection is now active. This confidentiality agreement allows you to know the origin and use of the processed information during your consults to our website, telephone consults or e-mail.

Jardimajestic Lda. Reserves the right to modify this Confidentiality Agreement at any time so we recommend you to consult it regularly.

1. Nature of personal data

We understand as personal data, any personal information that you might give to Jardimajestic Lda. and that allows us – directly or indirectly – to identify you as a person.

2. Commitment of Jardimajestic Lda. in terms of personal data protection

Transparency and purpose: We do not collect any personal information without your consent. Mandatory information or voluntary information will always be described accordingly. We collect and process your personal data with the purpose described on this document and will always inform you about who receives this information.

Proportionality and pertinence: We will only collect and process the personal data that is relevant to your request or to the customization of services request by you.

Necessity: We only keep this information for as long as it is necessary.

Security and Confidentiality: We vow to take the necessary measures in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information and avoid its exposure to unnotarized entities. In casa there is any personal data transfer to authorized entities, we will take the necessary measures to guarantee its safety.

Respect for your rights: You always be informed of your access rights as well as rectification and opposition according to law nº 2016/679 of the 27th of April of 2016. The personal data that we collect is shown on the points below.

4. Which personal information is collected?

We may ask you the send some of your personal information when making a reservation with us.

During the data collection process, the mandatory or voluntary information difference is shown through an asterisk. Mandatory information will have the asterisk to be identified. These are mandatory because they are vital to satisfy your requests. Voluntary information is used in order to know you better and improve the services that are offered to you.

Usually we collect and process, your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth and credit card number.

We do not collect sensible information such as: race, ethnics, political opinion, religious and philosophical believes, belonging to a union, health information or sexual preferences.

5. When will your data be collected?

Your data may be collected through different ways:

  • Phone call or e-mail to our reservations department
  • Making a booking on our website
  • When you e-mail us
  • When you subscribe our newsletter
  • When you share a page or an offer through and e-mail or social network
  • When you answer our satisfaction quiz

6. What is the purpose?

Jardimajestic Lda. will only collect date the is necessary for the followings purposes:

  • Booking management
  • Loyalty program management
  • To improve and customize our services
  • Following and managing guest relations
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Management of prospecting operations
  • Production of commercial statistics
  • Access, rectification and opposition rights management
  • Debt management
  • Job offer management

When you make a booking on our website or after you have given your personal data on our website, you may be informed of the Marmoris Hotels promotions under the form of newsletters, e-mails or any other means of communication.

7. Sharing your personal information

Personal data collected by Jardimajestic Lda. may be transmitted to subcontracted entities which are management partners to Jardimajestic Lda. These include our accounting office and Public Relations.

9. Sensible data transactions

Sensible data transactions (credit card data, bank account information) are done safely through the use of coding and authentication algorithms. These safe transactions are identified through the presence of a closed locker on the majority of browsers.

However, Jardimajestic Lda. does not control every aspect of internet usage, so we advise to be careful. We also advise to you always be mindful of the internet usage and the risk associated with it.

10. Personal Data Storage

Personal data is only stored for as long as its needed, in order to improve our services to you.

11. Access, rectification, opposition rights

According to the law nº 2016/679 of the 27th of April of 2016, it is your right to make a written request in order to change the information that might concern you. You also have the right to oppose the process of personal data.

In order to exercise your rights, please contact us:

Alentejo Marmoris Hotel & Spa

Largo Gago Coutinho, nº11

7160-214 Vila Viçosa


12. Social Network

Our website may include third party apps, such as the “share” or “like” button on Facebook or Instagram. These may give some of your information to other people in case you use them.

The social network that provides this button app may identify you through the use of the same button even if you did not use it while surfing our website. This might happen when you have social network account active in the same terminal that is surfing our website.

We do not have any control over the data collection process used by social networks in our website. We advise to always at terms of such social networks in order for you to know how your data is being collected and processed, especially those who use your information for advertising. You should always be informed about the use of the aforementioned buttons by the social network that you are using. We also advise you to take a look at the privacy settings of your social network accounts. These should be editable according to your preferences.