S. Valentine's day

S. Valentine's day at Alentejo Marmoris Hotel & Spa *****

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For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at : reservas@alentejomarmoris.com

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Discover & Taste

Perfect and happy days. What we wish for you during your stay with us. Combine history, heritage, nature and gastronomy. Discover the Palace, the Castle and the imposing sight of the D'El Rei quarry. Later that night enjoy the comfort and quality of our Restaurant, Narcissus Fernandesii. 

Discovering the history and culture of "Callipole" while tasting the best of Alentejo's gastronomy is a certain route to happiness. Come. Visit us. There's so much to discover...

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About the Wine

Stay at our hotel and experience an exclusive activity of a winery visit and production of your tailored wine, with the offer of a bottle of wine with your creation.

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All You Need is Love!

Love, Love...A romantic stay at Alentejo with your other half is always a good idea. What do you think?

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Make a detox program away from temptations...a selected menu and selected Spa treatments to help you get in the best version of yourself again!

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Menu: https://webbox-assets.siteminder.com/assets/huhkeautdnagpxiq/c42b4f29-066f-436a-bfba-b0b5ce06cc13.pdf


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Early Booking

Book with 30 days or more in advance and get an extra 10% discount on our best daily rate (Non-refundable bookings).

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