Chef Pedro Mendes began his culinary history in Belgium and continued it by living in other countries, such as the Netherlands, France, England and Ireland. Returning to Lisbon in 2001, he was co-owner and Chef at the restaurant “39 Degraus” (“Cinemateca Portuguesa”), he was a Chef at MMCafé (“Teatro Maria Matos”) and at the “São Jorge Café”.

IN 2007, he decided to move to Algarve where he worked at the Way Point, at the Marina Club Hotel, The Dolphin Restaurant and the “A concha” restaurant. He also owned his own restaurant in Algarve called “Restaurante & Taberna by Pedro Mendes”

In 2012, Pedro Mendes entered the Guiness World Records by coordinating the confection of the “Biggest omelet in the world”, in Ferreira do Zêzere.

The Chef is a culinary book author and consultant. He is the author of the book “O Renascer da Bolota” (Profchef Agency), an unprecedent work in Portugal about the use of acorns in culinary arts, the other one and first book, is a bilingual edition called “Cozinha sem livro/Bookless kitchen”.

In 2013 he embarked in a new journey becoming an executive Chef at Alentejo Marmòris Hotel & Spa***** while also being a consultant Chef for the “Maria Pia” restaurant in Cascais. He interrupted his journey at Marmòris in 2015 and come back in 2017 to embrace the project again. During this period, he also became a consultant Chef at “Quinta do Quetzal” in Vidigueira.